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We chat with Cinefex writer Joe Fordham and film/TV editor Brian Newell about Raiders of the Lost Ark, and interview mechanical effects and pyro legend Thaine Morris about his career and his work on Raiders and Dragonslayer. We also chat with Jamie Benning about his creation of the Filmumentaries behind-the-scenes documentary format.

[Originally known as Episode 006A.]

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Host Mark Boszko takes you on a journey back through the annals of Cinefex magazine, talking about the movies and topics they covered 30+ years ago. We talk to people involved in the films, people who make movies, and people who love movies, and have a fun time doing it.

Cinefex 6

Cover of Cinefex 6

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Special Guest:
Thaine Morris

Image of Thaine Morris

Proprietor of the Roger George Rentals special effects supply, special effects legend and pyrotechnician.

“Rolling Smoke” photo courtesy Tc Morgan on Flickr via Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.



Cinefex — The journal of cinematic illusions.

Brian Newell, Joe Fordham, and Jamie Benning

Image of Brian Newell Image of Joe Fordham Image of Jamie Benning

Brian Newell, TV/film editor

Joe Fordham, writer for Cinefex and filmmaker

Jamie Benning, creator of the Filmumentaries style of 'making-of' documentaries

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