This is The Optical. We’re revisiting the history of VFX, special effects, and film technology through the lens of Cinefex magazine.

Latest Episode

We explore the fascinating history of sound in films — the trial and error that led from silent films to the first talkies — with Fritzi Kramer of Movies Silently. Fritzi also suggests some silent VFX films, and we catch up with good news about former Cinefex publisher Don Shay.

People Say Nice Things

If like me, you’re a fan of THOSE films, follow @opticalpodcast. It’s a great podcast, well worth a listen.

— Jamie Benning,
creator of Filmumentaries

Fun podcast. Enjoyed the heck out of doing it.

— Howie Weed,
long-time ILM-er

It was an honor to participate with such a classy podcast, talking about my favorite movies.

— Joe Fordham,
Cinefex writer and filmmaker

Mark, your podcast is so well researched and executed. Thank you for all your excellent work.

— M. Lickley