Cover of issue number 13
Publisher Don Shay
Editor Don Shay
Contributing Editors Jordan Fox
Paul M. Sammon
Circulation Manager JoDyne Shay
Editorial Consultant Robert P. Everett
Editorial Services Ann Dredla

Jedi Journal

Author Don Shay
Focus Return of the Jedi (1983)
Pages 4-67

After dazzling audiences worldwide with the first two installments in his Star Wars saga, George Lucas set out to surpass even himself with Return of the Jedi. Doing so involved not only bringing the middle trilogy to a satisfying and dramatic conclusion, but also mustering forth the considerable capabilities of his oft-awarded effects facility — Industrial Light and Magic. Since the latest Star Wars entry involved more effects shots — and of greater complexity — than either of its two predecessors, and since the work would be compressed into a somewhat shorter time frame, it was decided to split ILM into three primary effects units. At the helm of each was a seasoned Star Wars veteran — Richard Edlund, Dennis Muren and Ken Ralston. As the postproduction effort progressed, each supervisor recorded a month-by-month account of the work as it developed and changed, producing in the process a fascinating account of how a major effects production comes together — the anticipation and planning, the crushing workload, the delights and disappointments. Edited by Don Shay.

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